Walden Countryside's newest nature reserve

King's Field is actually two fields, one either side of the Steeple Bumpstead Brook. The reserve is often known as Bulls Bridge Meadow from the name of the farm opposite (it was once part of that farm's land). We have chosen King's Field as this is the name it was known by on the 1840s Victorian Tithe Map. At that time it was pasture but had a spell as arable land in the 20th century before reverting to grassland (now pasture) over 14 years ago

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Travel by bus: Route 60 Saffron Walden - Haverhill stops at the gate (Bullsbrridge Farm stop) Always check bus times - Mon-Sat roughly every two hours

Kings Field is now open to visitors on foot

  • If you arrive by car you must not park on the entrance track or on the concrete bridge: these are in frequent use by agricultural machinery. At present there is roadside verge parking only.
  • You may not enter the enclosure when the sheep are present at Kings Field
  • Bumpstead Brook (between the two fields) runs deep and fast after heavy rain. Please take care and keep your children safe.
  • You may picnic in the reserve but no camp-fires or unauthorised camping. Take all your litter home.
  • There is no toilet
  • Dogs are welcome if under firm control
  • The farm track with thick hedgerows running south (uphill) from Kings Field South is not part of the reserve and must not be entered (it is dangerous during use by farm machinery)


King's Field north is a grassy meadow with some cricket-bat willow trees.

King's Field south is a lush meadow now being used as pasture by some of our sheep

Both we and the and owners want to increase the variety of wild flowers in the grassland and we are confident that traditional grazing (and hay-making) will help do this.

The gate to Kings Field South is usually locked but there is a pedestrian access beside it, giving access to the public footpath and the permissive paths around the sheep pastures

The gate to Kings Field North is at the eastern end of the field near the car parking area. Please shut the gate after you.

There is now a bridge berween the two fields at the western end of the reserve so circular tours of both fields, on foot, are now possible.


Kings Field map

We are making Kings Field more like Noakes Grove - visitor and child friendly:

  • Public access, welcoming signs and guide leaflets are now on the gates and these will shortly be improved to cover increased access to Kings Field North.
  • The stream through the middle of the reserve is one of its most important features. We have installed a footbridge at the western end of the brook for visitors and our sheep to use. It will soon be linked to the improved nerwork of public paths.
  • The stream banks are deep-sided so it is difficult to get near the stream or even see it. We plan to dig out part of the bank to make a wider stream valley with more gently sloping banks.
  • We have dug a pond at the west end of Kings Field South which will soon be lined and will then fill with water.
  • We plan to create a "Forest school" area where organised groups of children can enjoy the reserve and learn about its wildlife and families with young children can rest and play

We have been awarded a grant by Affinity Water towards the above projects which has funded much of this work

  • The main area of Kingsfield South is pasture land inside a sheep-prooof fence. The grassland is rich in wild flowers and visitors may explore the pasture when the sheep are not present or in the company of one of the sheep-team volunteers.
  • A similar fenced area of grazing be created by the end of June 2022, in Kings Field North (with the aid of a DEFRA Countryside Stewardship grant.
  • The two large blocks of pasture will have wide footpaths outside the sheep fencing and beside the ancient field hedges and brook. In total more that 1 km of paths that will need to be cut periodically to kee them accessible.



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