Conserving Walden's Countryside
for wildlife and you to enjoy


The Dinosaur Walk

On May 20th nine members of our Friday Wild Child Club made a 13 million millimetre walk from Noakes Grove to our Kings Field nature reserve - all on local footpaths.

As well as a physical challenge (an eight mile walk for youngsters from seven to ten years old) it was a walk back in time: each millimetre was five years and at the end of the walk the kids were 65 million years back when the last dinosaurs were alive.

At theend of the walk each child received a genuine tooth from a Spinosaurus dinosaur.


The dinosaur walk is through some of the nicest countryside in the Walden area and includes Bendysh Woods - the largest area of open access "right to roam" woodland for miles around - and you can only reach it on foot.

If you would like to explore the walk yourself just click here for a printer friendly guide leaflet.

Our nature reserves, sheep, kids and wildlife

Noakes Grove

Noakes Grove, Sewards End.

Noakes Grove, Sewards End. almost nine acres of ancient woodland, scrub and wild-flower meadows. Grazed by our small flock of sheep. The reserve is always open to the public: come and enjoy it. Learn more, leaflet download etc.
Kings Field Hempstead Kings Field, Hempstead.
Kings Field, Hempstead. Four acres of pasture land and hay meadow crossed by a small river. It is now open to the public now that the planned management work as started. Learn more.
Scotch Parch / Ellis Green

Scotch Patch, Ellis Green, Wimbish.

Scotch Patch, Ellis Green, Wimbish. A one-acre traditional apple orchard which is part of the eight-acre Ellis Green Common Local Wildlife Site. Always open to the public. Learn more.

Ewe & lamb

Our Sheep. are Wiltshire Horns

Our Sheep. We have sixteen Wiltshire Horn sheep (ewes and ewe lambs) sometimes with a visiting ram.

The sheep are important because their grazing keeps our wildflower meadows in good condition. Read about our adopted ewes

Kids campfire

Children's Activities


Bee Orchid

Plants and animals.

Plants and animals. There are certainly more than 1000 different wild plant and animal species that live in our reserves. We currently have quite good lists for flowering plants, butterflies & moths and vertebrate animals at Noakes Grove. Take a look at the lists. Can you help add to our records?

Download our leaflets

We have a long list of printer friendly leaflets, visitor guides etc for you to download.

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Walden Countryside - who we are

We are a not-for-profit community interest company. The land at Noakes Grove is owned by Organic Countryside CIC [that's Walden Countryside's official name].

Our main activities centre around our nature reserves but we are not only interested in preserving their wildlife. We are trying to make them more like the Walden Countryside of a century ago:

  • Producing local food without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers

  • Getting people using the land: as volunteer workers or simply enjoying the countryside

  • Encouraging children to enjoy, and learn about, their countryside

We are not just about creating and managing nature reserves, we want to:

  • Persuade local councils and private land-owners to create more public access to areas of countryside

  • Promote access to the countryside by campaigning for public rights of way to be kept accessible and adequately signed

Local Wildlife Sites

  • There over a hundred local wildlife sites (mostly in private ownership, some publicly owned) in the northern half of Uttlesford.

  • Walden Countryside aims to work with the owners of these sites to maintain and improve their value for wildlife

See full details of the sites in your parish.



Helping Walden Countryside

We are a small organisation totally dependent on volunteers to do all the administrative and physical work and to raise the funds we need each year,

There are several ways you can help us financially: which one would suit you?


Become a "Friend of Walden Countryside"

by donating online (you choose how much and how often but we hope you will be able to give about £10 a year). "Friends" get our monthly newsletter via email. For more details and to donate click "Friend".


Help us at no cost to you:

Where do you shop online?

The big names (Amazon, eBay, M & S, John Lewis) or any one of over 4000 other online merchants have all agreed to give us a small percentage of anything you spend with them. All you have to do is register with Easyfundraising.

Just browse online as you normally would and Easyfundraising will tell you when you are visiting a web site that has agreed to give donations to Organic Countryside.

PLEASE visit our Easyfundraising page and sign up. It costs you nothing and will be a huge help to us.

Learn more and sign up.

Buy some shares

It is the shareholders of Organic Countryside CIC (the official name of Walden Countryside) who have provided the funds to buy Noakes Grove. Shareholders get no dividends or other financial benefits but they do own and direct the company. Purchase of a minimum of £100 in shares gives life membership of the company (well more than life, you can hand your shares on to the next generation).

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